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The TIBCO WebFOCUS® platform is an enterprise business intelligence and analytics solution equipped with data management, visual discovery, predictive analytics, and powerful visualizations



TIBCO WebFOCUS empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions through visual analytics and powerful reporting. TIBCO WebFOCUS is a complete, web-ready data access and reporting system that connects users to data.

It accesses and processes information located in any format on any platform and presents that information to users through a web browser or through formats, such as PDF, XLS, and XML. Using HTML and user-friendly GUI tools, developers can build powerful webpage interfaces that enable users to create and view charts and reports as stand-alone items, or within compound visualizations.

Data access, network communications, and server operations are provided through TIBCO WebFOCUS technology, which accesses data without concern for the complexities and incompatibilities of different operating systems, databases, file systems, file formats, and networks.

Powerful discovery and creation: Explore, create, analyze, publish, and collaborate on analytics content

Seamless distribution: Share and distribute fully customizable analytics at scale

Flexible, connected, embedded capabilities: Easily connect to any data source, and deploy to tens of thousands of users and thousands of apps

Incorporating over 45 years’ experience working with countless BI clients, the TIBCO WebFOCUS analytics platform enables superior visualization, at-your-fingertips insights generation, and democratized access to data. The goal is to help you achieve business results by harnessing the power of your data for informed decision-making.

If you’re looking for self-service analytics with enterprise power, the WebFOCUS platform is it. Access all your data faster without having to sacrifice a trusted data foundation for amazing visuals—plus, get robust reporting that illuminates business opportunities.

We’ve designed our modern state-of-the-art analytics platform for users who need to create, publish, share, and collaborate on analytics content quickly to get results.

With fully responsive templates, reports, charts, maps, and controls, WebFOCUS analytics increases the speed and ease of asset authoring and assembly.

Empower your organization to make sound strategic decisions by employing real-time, customized, and self-service analytics in every aspect of your business.

Augmented analytics — the ability to incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) into business intelligence (BI)—is transformative, automating steps from data prep through insight discovery. The solution’s Instant Insights feature with automated narratives does the work for you, explaining signals and trends in data without requiring manual effort or coding. Our AI engine gives business analysts and developers, the power to run advancedanalysis to get to the heart of the data story quickly and spend more time driving business outcomes.

Achieve limitless, fully customized distribution of your analytics — getting the right data to the right people based on complex business logic. Easily distribute interactive reports and dashboards to an unlimited number of recipients, whether partners, employees, or customers.

Plus, with the Analytics Anywhere feature, recipients don’t even need to connect to a server to explore data using filters, calculations, roll-ups, or pivot capabilities. All they need is a browser.

The WebFOCUS platform enables users to distribute boardroom quality documents, financial reports, and fact sheets in a wide range of formats, reducing compatibility issues for creators and consumers. With the WebFOCUS solution, you can deploy applications to more than 25 million consumers. In addition, the powerful technology makes it easy to build highly parameterized applications that mimick the usability and workflow of popular consumer applications. WebFOCUS software functions independently of a server, making it portable and modular so users can work with data without needing an external application.

Enterprises and OEMs scaling to any number of end users can embed the WebFOCUS platform and components with total flexibility. We prioritize seamless use for all with no separate sign-ons, just one center of truth for all data. Unlock better automated access for teams with flexible deployment and scalability.

Customized experiences let your team and customers share data broadly and use it most efficiently. Our partners leverage TIBCO building blocks for monetization opportunities that drive growth, diversified revenue models, and increased customer engagement — all while maintaining focus on their core strengths, leaving specialized development to us.

WebFOCUS deployment prioritizes security, reliability, scalability, and flexibility. Whether you want to leverage all the benefits of the TIBCO WebFOCUS Cloud, or manage your own (in a private or on-premises cloud), TIBCO products and services deliver leading-edge capabilities to power growth through better data and analytics.

The packaging of TIBCO WebFOCUS®

Reporting Server

Provides data access, number crunching, and report generation functionality for TIBCO WebFOCUS®. The Reporting Server also provides a wide range of capabilities and tools for adapter configuration, metadata creation, application and path management, security control, communications configuration, and for monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting


Through ReportCaster, you can schedule a report to run at specific times or intervals, which can then be distributed through email or FTP servers, to printers, or to the Repository that stores Report Library and Managed Reporting reports. You can distribute an entire report or you can break a report into sections using the burst feature. When you burst a report, you send only the relevant report sections specified

Analytics Anywhere

Create interactive reports and charts for offline analysis. All of the content that you prepare functions independently of a server, and is portable, making it easy for your users to work with and analyze complex data without requiring the use of an external application.

Standard Adapters

Provide direct connectivity to any database, application, and other information sources on any platform. To view the full list of standard adapters that are available to you, unlimited, out-of-the-box, see TIBCO WebFOCUS Omni™ Adapters Quick Reference

Mobile Enablement

Empowers users to perform reporting and analysis from their mobile devices. Deliver rich, deep, highly interactive analytic functionality, fully exploiting the native device gestures that are already familiar to the user. You can manipulate data from a variety of sources in an almost unlimited number of ways in just a couple of taps. Manage business dashboards and content, even when you are offline.

Connect to 3rd Party Visualization

Empower any visualization tool with all of the benefits of data virtualization – realtime, direct access to data without the need for an expensive data warehouse. In addition, supply connectivity to any enterprise data source. Make better decisions with better data, all while using the tool your business users are already familiar with.

Portal Users

Provides an analytics content management and deployment system that is essential for multi-user deployments. Enable your end users to consume, organize, personalize, and explore analytical content. It also allows BI developers and administrators to manage the deployment, access, and presentation of governed content to users.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is the art of using analysis to predict trends, behaviors, and conditions. allows for forward-looking planning, enabling companies to adjust their current strategies to ensure the best possible outcomes. Using specific software applications, individuals can determine risk and solve current problems

Location Analytics

Combine GIS and BI analytics to allow the recognition of patterns in your data, including the visualization and discovery of geospatial outliers. Create maps that help you illustrate or identify trends so you can quickly take action.

Web Service APIs

A key component in embedded BI solutions, RESTful web services provide API-integration for your development team.

Usage Monitoring

Predictive analytics is the art of using analysis to predict trends, behaviors, and conditions. allows for forward-looking planning, enabling companies to adjust their current strategies to ensure the best possible outcomes. Using specific software applications, individuals can determine risk and solve current problems

ETL (TIBCO® Data Migrator)

TIBCO® Data Migrator dramatically simplifies data integration. It provides fast, flexible, end-to end extract, transform, and load (ETL) process creation involving any data structure across disparate computer platforms.


Advanced and intuitive search functionality allows quick access to content across the repository. Using a text bar found on the Home Page, you can enter a search term to quickly display all content items that match that term. The interactive search engine updates the suggestions as you type, so you can find the desired item fast.


Create web-based data maintenance applications. Using Maintain and its multi-platform4GL language, you can easily create, test, and deploy complex business applications that span the Internet, IBM mainframes, midrange servers, and workstations.

Authoring: Designer (InfoAssist)

Designer is a web-based development tool that you can use to quickly and easily create content from your data and use that content to create pages, within a single visualization or by assembling multiple distinct content items into a separate visualization. You can manage your data using data flows and use that data to create charts, reports, and interactive and responsive pages, all in one place.

App Studio

App Studio is a Windows-based graphical user interface (GUI) environment for creating advanced reporting applications. App Studio offers a simplified user experience and workflow, empowering developers to create application content immediately, without a costly and time-consuming learning curve.

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