Software for ETL Data Automation, Data Synchronization, Data Quality, Data Transformation, Test Data Generation, and BI Test Automation.

DataOps Dataflow

Compare billions of records using the horizontally scalable clusters such as AWS EMR or Azure Databricks.

DataOps Dataflow is a modern, web browser-based solution for automating the testing of ETL, Data Warehouse, and Data Migration projects. Use Dataflow to inject data from any of the varied data sources, compare data, and load differences to S3 or a database. With fast and easy to set up, create and run dataflow in minutes. A best in the class testing tool for Big Data Testing.

DataOps Dataflow can integrate with all modern and advanced data sources including RDBMS, NoSQL, Cloud, and File-Based.

Dataflow is built using Apache Spark, a distributed data processing engine that can process large volumes of data in parallel and in-memory.


Enables Continuous Integration
Connects to all Popular Data Sources
Data Transformation Testing
Data Migration Testing
Data Observability
Data Reconciliation
Visual Test Case Builder
On-Premise or Cloud
Enterprise Collaboration

ETL Validator

A data testing tool that greatly simplifies the testing of Data Integration, Data Warehouse and Data Migration Projects.
Datagaps ETL Validator earns Informatica’s Seal of Approval – Best of ETL Testing Tools.

DataOps Data Quality

The combination of DQS and Data Monitoring allows organizations to validate their essential data assets as these elements are ingested and stored.
The high-level view shows an overall score and if it deteriorates, the granular views quickly point to the data attributes causing the degradation. Once that is identified, corrective action can take place to remedy the anomalies

BI Validator

The most comprehensive Functional Regression, Performance and Stress Testing tool for Business Intelligence Platforms such as Tableau, OBIEE, Business Objects and Cognos.
Oracle Corporation uses BI Validator for automating Oracle Analytics testing – Validating BI Data.

Test Data Manager

A synthetic data generation tool which generates non-production data that reliably mimics an organization’s actual data so that systems and applications developers can perform rigorous and
valid systems tests

Popular Use Cases

Cloud Data Migration Testing Automation

Moving data and applications from on-premises to a cloud or from one cloud platform to another? Strengthen your Cloud Data Migration Testing Strategy with Datagaps’ Great Data Platform which helps you perform comprehensive testing to check if your data remain functional, stable, scalable, and compatible in the target cloud environment.

Test Automation for Snowflake, Redshift, Azure Synapse

Datagaps offers complete regression, functional and performance testing capabilities for your Snowflake, Redshift, Azure Synapse, Data, ETL and BI projects. By leveraging the simple UIs and wizard-based test automation capabilities of Data Flow and BI Validator, engineers, testers & business analysts can be more productive, deliver accurate reports and install faith in Enterprise Data, ETL & BI systems.

BI Test Automation for Power BI

BI Validator automates the testing of your Microsoft Power BI Reports, Pages, Visuals and Datasets.

Test Automation for Tableau

Successfully evaluated for Interoperability, Testing and Validation by Tableau.

Test Automation for Oracle Analytics

Automate Functional, Regression, and Stress Testing of Oracle Analytics Dashboards, Reports, Subject Areas & Security.

Test Automation for Salesforce

Datagaps’ Great Data Platform offers a robust set of solutions that enable you perform comprehensive testing to track Salesforce metadata changes, validate Salesforce data with your operational data sources (on-premise or cloud) and perform easy read/write operations on your Salesforce platform. Choose Datagaps to completely automate your testing and management of your Salesforce data.

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