The Church Council unifies its reporting with WebFOCUS

The Church Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland was looking for ways to improve reporting and compilation of statistics on its membership information system. WebFOCUS became their application of choice. Cooperation with InfoBuild started back in 2009.

For selecting a reporting solution, versatility was a primary consideration. “We were looking for a ready-made solution that would lend itself to various uses”, says Church Council’s acting Chief Information Officer Jukka Tamminen.

The Church Council had no prior experience with WebFOCUS, but as the project has progressed the application has proven its worth as a practical tool. “Developing reporting is now easier with WebFOCUS”, notes Tamminen, who has also been involved in managing the project.

Quickly and flexibly bringing various data sources together

The intent was to find an application that would allow for bringing scattered information from various sources fluently together for the purpose of developing the membership information system.

“With WebFOCUS, reporting can be developed independently to serve different types of information requirements. Now we can quickly and flexibly bring together data from various sources”, Tamminen says.

Currently WebFOCUS has around 500 users in the Church Council. This will increase in the future. According to Tamminen, the reporting features were discreetly integrated into their other applications.

“Users don’t even realize they are using a different reporting software, which really serves us well.”

Future focus on operational planning

The Church Council has been very pleased with the reporting solution provided by InfoBuild. “WebFOCUS is well-suited for our operations”, Tamminen says.

According to him, the versatile reporting features in WebFOCUS will be put to a wider use going forward.

“In the future, we will increasingly use WebFOCUS in our operational planning. We always want to make the most out of our procurements, so we might extend our use of the application in the future”, Tamminen says.


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